Mobile Tickets

Welcome to the Future of Ticketing!

Use convenient and contactless mobile tickets to gain admission to events. Save time and never lose your ticket again by downloading your mobile tickets to your smartphone.

How Do I Use Mobile Tickets?

  • Download your tickets to your smartphone and make sure your phone has a sufficiently charged battery before you leave for the theater.
  • Transfer tickets to any members of your party who are planning to arrive separately or who request their own ticket.
  • Turn up the brightness on your phone and scan your mobile tickets using a contactless scanner located at the event's entrance.

Mobile Ticket Advantages

  • Automatically update your tickets with new dates if performances are rescheduled.
  • Exchange your tickets online instead of visiting our box office.
  • You can easily transfer your tickets to other parties and access your tickets on the go.
  • If changes are made to your show, the tickets will update immediately.
  • Mobile Tickets cannot be misplaced, stolen, or destroyed.
  • Mobile Tickets are instant, and do not require mailing.
  • Mobile Tickets are better for the environment; they do not require paper products and ink.
  • Mobile Tickets are a touch free alternative to paper tickets, insuring a safer experience.